Monday, June 13, 2011

Advice for Pets who are Attracted to their Relatives Sexually

Question:  I am a young male dog. I was raised with my mother but all my brothers and sisters have gone on to find new homes. Well lately I have been kinda feeling interested in my mom in what is called a sexual way. My owners are horrified at my attempts to mate with my mother, but I cannot help it. Am I wrong to feel this way about my mother? What can I do?
Signed Hot Dog

Dear Hot Dog,
Your sexual feelings are normal, and are caused by your hormones. Normally a male dog would have been taken away from its mother so it would have these feelings, but not towards its parent. Sex is what makes puppies and when related dogs breed there is a chance the puppies will have deformities. Some deformities you can see, such as eyes spaced too close or too far apart, but some deformities you cannot see, such as a small heart.
Your owner should not be upset, they can either have your mom spayed, or have you neutered, or both.

I am a young male cat, my sisters and I grew up together as kittens. The problem is those girls are now teasing me to mate with them. They have a smell that I cannot resist, they meow a lot, and rub against me. As I get older I find their actions more attractive. I totally want to have sex with my sisters. My owner thinks this is wrong, and has thrown water on us and even kicked us. I need to know if this feeling is wrong why does it feel so right?
Signed Tom

Dear Tom
Your owner should not punish you for a natural behavior, instead they should neuter you, and spay your sisters, so this behavior is prevented. You will also be happier if you are neutered, and they will be happier if spayed because for them the feeling of being in heat can be annoying. It will eventually be impossible to ignore your feelings of sexual attraction to your sisters unless your owner gets you, and/or them fixed.
Hope that helps!
Note to Pet Owners: Some pet breeders do allow related cats, and dogs, to breed, this is called inbreeding, but there are risks of deformities. Some of the deformities from inbreeding are listed below:

Facial deformities, eyes too close together, too far apart. Large heads, cleft palate. Under bite, over bite.
Ears that are not placed correctly.
Tails that are too short, crocked, or kinked.
Heart defects, liver defects.
Weaker immune system.
Smaller size (inbreeding is often used to create stunted pets marketed as “teacup pets”).