Monday, July 18, 2011

Advice for Captured Wild Born Kittens

Question: Help, my sisters and I were born wild but recently were abducted and put into a cage, the food is good, but they keep holding us even when we hiss, are we safe?

Signed Freaked out in Captivity

Answer Dear Freaked

Hopefully your abductor is a kind hearted animal welfare person who is working to rescue you and tame you so you can find a good home with plenty of good food and a warm place to sleep at night.

What will usually happen when people try to tame wild, or feral, kittens, is that they put the kittens into a cage or small area just until the kittens learn to trust them. They will probably hold you a lot so that you stop hissing so much, and eventually will start to purr and even enjoy the attention you get. Once you become more friendly to people they will hopefully either keep you out of the cage, or try to find you a new home.

Depending on how old you and your sister kittens were when first caught you might become tame in less than a week. Do not worry, it sounds like the people are feeding you and holding you, so this is a good sign.

Tips on how to Tame a Wild, or Feral Kitten

Keep the kittens in a cage, such as a large dog kennel, or rabbit cage. Give them plenty of dry food and water while in the cage, but only give them canned kitten food when you are with them. The cage should also have a litter box, blanket, and a few toys. Find many opportunities to take the kittens out of the cage and hold them, even if they hiss. Do not let children hold them when they are still nervous and frightened, if dropped this could traumatize them worse.

When the kittens are more relaxed they can be given more space, such as being allowed loose in a bathroom. They should not be outdoors until wormed, and vaccinated, or ideally, not outdoors at all.

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