Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Advice for Bored Cats

Hello, I am a cat, I am so bored. My owner does not play with me, I am not allowed outside, I have had the same stupid toys for years, I am getting fat and sleep all the time. My life is boring, what can I do to spice up my life?

Signed Bored Kitty

Dear Kitty

It is up to your owner to make your life more stimulating and interesting. Sadly some cat owners just forget how important it is to play with their cats. Cats do suffer from boredom, although this is more common in dogs, no offense but this is because dogs are a bit smarter than cats. People tend to address the issues of boredom in dogs more directly, because if a dog is bored, it often becomes destructive.
I am not suggesting you become destructive in order to get your owner's attention, but you do need to do something. I realize your toys are boring, but perhaps if you play with them your owner might be motivated to buy you new toys. Most cat owners fail to realize that cats like toys they have not seen for a while. You might look at the same toy for days, but if your owner hides it for a few weeks then brings it out, you may show a sudden sign of interest in the toy.

Some cat toys are better than others. Most adult cats like cat nip toys (young kittens do not notice cat nip), but if you are overweight this might not be a good idea since cat nip is also an appetite stimulant. I suggest honeysuckle toys. These cat toys might be hard to find but are excellent. Your owner should have a variety of cat toys and should rotate them often, keeping some tucked away and swapped out on a weekly basis. Your owner should try to engage you in play from time to time too, as that will make your life more interesting.

A well placed piece of cat furniture can be a good idea. Cats like to look out the window so a cat tower with a resting spot near a window is great. Of course you will probably sleep there too, but cats do sleep for 16 hours a day.

Another thought is that your owner might consider adopting another kitty pal. Cats typically object to having a new cat introduced unless it is done slowly and correctly, but usually having another cat in the house does provide some interest, and is a good idea for owners who are not home often.

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