Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Advice for Dogs who have House Training Problems

Question:  Woof, I am a cute 4 month old Shih Tzu pup who cannot be housebroken. My owner lets me out several times a day, and always gives me treats when they bring me in, why am I not house trained yet? Please help me I do not want to be a bad dog.
Signed, Frustrated Pup

Dear Frustrated Pup
Your owner is to blame, they are not house training you correctly, and some puppies, such as Shih Tzus need extra training. Your owner needs to go out with you every time they put you outside to pee and poo. Your owner needs to reward you immediately after you do your thing outside. By waiting until you come in they have only trained you to come inside, not to do your business outside.  Crate training might be a good idea for your owner to consider.

Question:  Hello, I am a Yorkshire Terrier dog and I am so confused at what I am suppose to be doing. My owner has pads in the house for me to pee and poop on, and sometimes take me outside to use the yard, but sometimes they get mad at me for peeing and pooping inside on other things, why is this?
Signed, Confused

Dear Confused
Your owner's house training method is sending mixed messages. The pee pads are generally a bad idea since they tell dogs that it's okay to pee and poop on carpets, towels, and other things, but the owners expect you to only use the pads, or go outside.  Some dogs simply play with the pads and tear them to shreds!  The pads are okay to use if you are in an apartment up high, and cannot get out to a yard. 


Question:  Hi there, I am a very attentive Border Collie puppy, I am very smart, and really want to please my owner, but feel hurt by my owner who hits me every time I mess in the house, what can I do to stop this?
Signed Hurt

Dear Hurt
Border Collies are smart for sure, and quick to learn. Your owner may not realize it but they are rewarding you for messing in the house. Dogs love attention, especially smart dogs. Hitting, yelling, and so forth are, in an odd way, a reward to the dog, plus when it happens after the fact the dog may not even associate it with messing in the house. This is another house training owner error because you should always be watched when indoors - dogs who are supervised, and taken out immediately when they start giving signs (sniffing, circling) do not mess in the house!


Question:  Hello, I am a handsome one year old Pit Bull terrier mix, and for some reason I pee on everything. My owner is not at all happy about this, I was fully house trained until recently, but not I cannot seem to stop the need to urinate on everything, inside, and out.
Signed, Messy

Dear Messy
If you are a male dog, and are not neutered, this is probably because of your hormones. This is common as male dogs mature and can start feeling the urge to leave their scent everywhere they go. Another concern might be a health issue. This would be if you are female, or are a neutered male dog, or even an intact male dog. If you have a bladder infection, or other urinary tract problem, you would feel the need to urinate quite often.  Your owner should take a urine sample to the veterinarian to check for urinary tract infections or problems.

©Brenda Nelson

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  1. To Confused, who goes on pee pads and other things inside the house -

    You might be peeing on other things inside because you smell pee from last time, so you think it's a place to go. Ask your owners to clean the carpet thoroughly so it doesn't have the urine smell and you won't "remember" that it's a place to go.

    Here are some tips from a carpet cleaner to get the smell out. Good luck!

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