Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Help for Pets in Animal Shelters

Question:  Help, I am an adult cat and have been at the animal shelter for two months hoping to get adopted.  I came here with kittens, they all have found homes, which of course makes me happy.  I have heard that people do not often adopt adult cats, like myself, what can I do to get a good home?
Signed, Is one-year-old too old?

Dear One
Sadly many adopters think that year old cats are too old to adopt.  Personally I would rather adopt an adult cat, and actually have done so.  Adult cats do not use their claws as much, and are better behaved, plus adult cats are often better with young children than are silly kittens.  I am very hopeful that you will find a loving person to adopt you and take you into their heart, and home. 


QuestionI am a dog in a shelter wanting to get adopted, I try my best to make sure people notice me, I jump up at the cage door and bark, but they just keep walking past and I do not get adopted.  What else can I do?
Signed, Am I Invisible

Dear Invisible
You are anything but invisible, in fact your problem is most likely the fact that you are doing too much to get noticed and it scares the potential adopters away.  Barking is normal for dogs in shelters, they are bored and surrounded by other dogs.  I suggest you try sitting nice at the door, and not barking, this is what people want.  As a dog, it is tough for you to understand that, which is why some shelters employ dog trainers, or have volunteers spend time with the dogs, teaching them good manners.  Hopefully somebody can focus your energy correctly, and a potential owner will realize that with a little time they can keep you so happy you no longer bark or jump up!


Question:  What the heck is going on here.  One day I was at home, not a care in the world, the next day my owner stuffed me in the car - drove me to an animal shelter, and left me behind.  I gather I am "up for adoption" but have no clue what that means, can you help?
Signed, Confused

Dear Confused
All I can tell you is that for some reason your owner decided they no longer wanted you, or had a reason they could not keep you.  They did the right thing by taking you to an animal shelter - some owners just let their pet run loose which is cruel, and often illegal. 

Being "up for adotion" means that you are ready for a new home.  People can look at you and hopefully one will decide that you are the right pet for them.  They will fill out an adoption questionnaire and if the shelter determines they are a good owner, and are allowed pets, then you will go home with them. 

looking smug in his home
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  2. It is so sad people would not want to adopt adult cats... They are often the most loving and appreciating pets. I suppose all we can do is to spread the word of animal shelters...



  3. I completely agree. I always feel bad for the adult cats. Practically every animal I've ever adopted has been a grown up cat that has been at the shelter for a prolonged period of time. I wish more people would view pet adoption as pet rescue rather than just getting the cutest animal they can find.


  4. It is really sad that people only think of the younger cats/dogs to adopt. I have adopted older dogs, not just puppies. They have been good pets and I love them all!

  5. Great articles! Animals have a chance to live I’m so sad that I see many people kill animals just for making accessories. We need to love animals because it is blessing to us.

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  12. Good post... very good. As someone who has volunteered at my local animal welfare group for quite some time, it's sad to see the 'trends' in the shelter. You see a new animal and just know it doesn't have a good chance of finding a new home quickly - despite how sweet it is. There is a new 'syndrome' called "black dog syndrome" or "black cat syndrome" where it has been statistically proven that animals with black fur are less likely to be adopted. Very very sad. As a dog trainer it is very difficult to deal with the fact that many people are more interested in the 'fashion statement' of the dog rather than its termperament and disposition.

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