Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Advice for Pet Rabbits with Concerns

Question:  Help, I am a cute little bunny, but I have a bad habit and my owners are making fun of me. It seems I sometimes eat my own poop straight from my bottom.  My owners think this is disgusting, what can I do to stop this habit?
Signed, Cute but Worried

Dear Cute by Worried
Do not worry little bunny, your habit of eating your poops is not gross, or offensive, in fact rabbits eating their own feces (another word for poop) is normal. Rabbit's bodies makes special feces called cecotropes, and you are suppose to eat them. Cecotropes are smaller and softer than your regular poops, and most bunnies eat them right away. You will usually have them at night or in the morning. These droppings contain bacteria and other nutritional things that are helpful to you!

Question:   I am a male bunny with bad teeth, and I think I need a dentist. My teeth are so long it is almost impossible to eat, in fact I have lost weight! I thought my teeth were suppose to wear down on their own, but they don't, what is wrong?
Signed, Toothy

Dear Toothy
Yes it does sound like you need a dentist, but a veterinarian will do, in fact even a patient owner can trim your teeth. While most bunnies will wear their teeth down, a rare few have dental problems called Malocclusion. Your owner can help by giving you more carrots, hay, even chew toys, such as apple tree branches, but chances are you will need your teeth trimmed on a regular basis. Some people even do this with human nail trimmers but must be careful not to cut your tongue. For your first time it is very important that you are seen by a vet because this problem can get worse if the teeth are not trimmed correctly.  Tooth problems like this are just as common in male bunnies, as in females.


Question:  Hello, I am so upset, I am having an identity crisis. I know I am a rabbit, I thought I was a rodent, but my cat friend, she says I am not a rodent at all. Should I even trust the cat; if I am not a rodent, what am I?
Signed, Confused

Dear Confused
The cat can be trusted, she is right, rabbits are not rodents. Rabbits are Lagomorphs. There are a few differences between rodents and lagomorphs. You are a true herbivore (rodents will eat meat), and you have 4 incisors on your upper jaw (rodents have two). 

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