Thursday, November 8, 2012

Advice For Dogs About Toys and Natural Foods

Question: I am an active dog, I love to carry things around, play fetch, and play tug of war, but my owner is having a hard time finding a good toy that I would like, what can you recommend?
Signed Rolly the Dog

Dear Rolly
Rope toys are very popular for dogs who love to carry toys around or play tug of war, and they work okay for playing fetch but an even better toy for this is the Shifting Gears 2 Ball Toss & Tug Toy. This toy is environmentally friendly too. The Shifting Gears 2 Ball Toss & Tug Toy is made from reclaimed and repurposed materials such as tennis balls and climbing rope, keeping those things out of the landfill. These fantastic dog toys are made in the USA.  Click on the picture to learn more (or have your owner do so).

This toy is a better dog toy than a standard rope toy or tennis ball. By having a ball at each end it works well as a tug toy but is great as a fetch toy when your owner throws it. This dog toy has my full recommendation and is available from Only Natural Pet Store. I am sure you can convince your owner to spend more than $69.00 so they qualify for free shipping on most items.

Question: I am a easy going dog but my owner is all uptight about things being natural, I am really not sure why she cares so much, but it is annoying she changed my dog food to natural food and changed my treats to natural treats. Some of these are more expensive than the food and treats I was on, so is it worth it?
Signed Naturalized Dog

Dear Naturalized Dog
Your owner is very right to be concerned about buying natural dog food and natural dog treats. Some of the chemicals and chemical preservatives used in low priced food and treats are not really good for you. In some cases these chemicals, such as BHT, BHA, and Ethoxyquin (which is in by-products) have been linked to health concerns including cancer. I realize you are an easy going dog but is that worth the risk?

Some of the low priced dog foods are low priced because they lack quality ingredients. Also your owner may find that you have to eat a lot of the low priced dog food just to stay feeling full, but with a better dog food you will eat less, poop less, and hopefully have fewer health problems. I would certainly have to say that switching to all natural dog food and natural dog treats (or holistic products) is most certainly worth it, in fact it may even cost less in the long run!

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