Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shopping Advice for Pets

Hello, I am a wonderful cat but my owner is just so cheap and lazy (he never wants to go shopping), where can my owner get good prices on pet supplies so I can get more toys, more cat nip, a bigger cat tower, and an nice warm cat bed?
Signed, Scrooge's Cat

Dear Scrooge's Cat
Your owner can find good deals online. Online shopping is very popular for people who are busy or who just do not want to go out. Often times the prices online are lower than in stores because some companies do not have store locations, so they do not as much overhead.
Most online companies have sale sections, and sometimes you can even get free shipping - which saves the cost of gas and time, I am sure your owner is concerned about saving both!
There are many companies that offer excellent discounts too – even more than their regularly low prices. Your owner can take advantage of discounts and deals offered by online companies.

Hello, I am an older dog, but I am pleased to announce we have a new addition to the family, my owners are have adopted a young puppy. The problem is that they were not really aware of how many toys and things a puppy needs and he is chewing so much that they do not know what to do.  He has even chewed their shoes.  They want to get him more chew toys, but we do not have a good pet supply store near us.  What can they do to help this puppy?
Signed, A Big Brother

Dear Big Brother
Congratulations are in order for your owners adopting another dog, I am sure you two will get along just fine.  Perhaps you remember your days as a puppy too.  Puppies chew a lot.  Some breeds chew more than others but also when teething all pups want to chew.  A puppy who does not have enough toys will chew anything he, or she, can get their mouth on.  

Your owners should consider getting several chew things of different textures, soft chew things, medium chew things, and hard chew things such as KONGS and Nylabones.  They might also want some edible chew things too.  I suggest saying away from rawhide, but bully sticks might be okay (just not too much if the pup is under 3 months or he can get an upset tummy).   There are actually quite a few healthy chew things for pups that they may want to consider.  

Your owners also might want to consider getting a crate for when they cannot watch the pup, or even a puppy exercise pen.

Your owners can find all your new little brother's toys and chew things at Pet Super Store.

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