Sunday, November 18, 2012

Help for Dogs with Training Problems

Question:  I am a border collie, my owner is mad at me, he calls me stupid, and is threatening to get rid of me unless I learn what ever it is he is trying to teach me, however I really do not know what he wants from me.  I like it here and do not want to go to the animal shelter or a strange home, can you help me to learn?
Signed, Confused and Stupid

Dear Confused
As you are a border collie you are very intelligent.  Border collies are one of the easiest dogs to train IF the owner is consistent.  Sadly a lot of people only think they know how to train a dog and make many mistakes, often sending conflicting messages to their dog.

In other words it is probably your owners fault that you cannot learn what ever it is he is trying to train you to do.  Your owner would benefit from taking you to proper obedience lessons where your owner will learn how to train you correctly - and should practice at home too.  Consistency is the key, and your owner should try to find an obedience school that focuses on positive reinforcement (often known as clicker training).  I am sure you will learn all kinds of things in no time - and your owner will learn some things too!

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Question:  I keep running away from home.  I just do not understand where my boundaries are and where I am suppose to be and where I cannot go?  How can I learn my yard boundaries?
Signed, Runner

Dear Runner

Some dog breeds just love to run and explore and have a hard time knowing their limits.  A fenced yard is best, or even a dog run, but if your owner has neither they might want to look into getting you an in-ground fence system.  Some owners chain their dogs but this is never a good idea (read here to learn why) and is actually not allowed in some cities.

There are many good in-ground systems for keeping dogs like you in their yards.  One is the Innotek SD 2000 Basic In-ground Pet Fence.  This system can work for yards up to 5 acres in space (which will require one system and 3 boundary kits), but one system is enough for up to half an acre of space. This system is available from Pet-Super-Store. Have your owner click above to get deals and discounts.

This system is good but with all in-ground fencing systems (also known as invisible fences) training is also important.

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